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Association Executive: Directs and coordinates activities of professional or trade association in accordance with established policies to further achievement of goals, objectives, and standards of profession or association: Directs research surveys, compilation, and analysis of factors, for example average income, benefits, standards, and common problems of profession, for presentation to association committees for action. Confers with officers to ensure that membership roster is current and complete and that members receive equal treatment regarding services and information provided by Board. Directs or participates in preparation of educational and informative materials for presentation to membership or public in newsletters, magazines, news releases, or on radio or television. Provides information and technical assistance to members, clients of members, or public, relating to business operations. Represents association in negotiations with representatives of government, business, labor, and other organizations, and holds news conferences, delivers speeches, and appears before legislative bodies to present association’s viewpoints and encourage acceptance of goals and objectives. Oversees finances of Board of Directors, including preparation of long range forecast and monthly and annual budget reports. Plans, develops, and implements new programs and ideas, and confers with committee leaders to evaluate services and recommend methods to promote and increase membership involvement. Directs and coordinates association functions, for example conventions, exhibits, or local or regional workshops, to present membership with committee proposals on goals or objectives, familiarize membership or public with new technology or products, and increase public acceptance of membership objectives. Prepares and updates procedural manual. May also conduct investigations on members’ professional ethics, competence, or conduct, or financial responsibility of members to enforce quasi-legal standards of membership. May also visit members’ businesses to maintain goodwill, to encourage greater participation in organization activities, and to offer assistance to businesses experiencing reverses. May also be designated according to area of responsibility or activity directed as Director Of Publications (professional industry), Executive Secretary (professional industry), Membership Secretary (professional industry), Representative, Government Relations (professional industry), Research Director (professional industry).

Job industry: professional industry

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