Television Technician: A description for the television technician job

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Television Technician: Production assistant, production technician Performs any combination of following duties to record and transmit broadcasts: Operates studio and mini-television (portable, shoulder-mounted) cameras [CAMERA OPERATOR (movie industry) (broadcasting industry) 143.062-022]. Controls console to regulate transmission of television scenes [VIDEO OPERATOR (broadcasting industry) 194.282-010]. Produces educational and training films and video tapes [COMMUNICATIONS TECHNICIAN (education industry) 962.362-010]. Sets up and controls television production equipment, for example cameras [CAMERA OPERATOR (broadcasting industry)], lights [LIGHT TECHNICIAN (movie industry) (broadcasting industry) 962.362-014], microphones and microphone booms [MICROPHONE-BOOM OPERATOR (movie industry) (broadcasting industry) 962.384-010], and recording equipment [RECORDIST (movie industry) 962.382-010], in studio and at locations outside of studio, to record or transmit broadcasts. Performs preventive and minor equipment maintenance, using work tools. Maintains log to record equipment usage and location of equipment. May also perform duties of other related jobs depending upon specific production needs of individual airwave or closed-circuit station where workers must be able to set up and operate equipment.

Job industry: broadcasting industry

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