Automatic 1 Metal Spraying Machine Operator: A description for the automatic 1 metal spraying machine operator job

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Automatic 1 Metal Spraying Machine Operator: Alternate titles: flame-spraying-machine operator, automatic, metalizing-machine operator, automatic Sets up and operates metal spraying machine to bond protective or decorative coatings to metal objects: Positions workpieces into holding fixtures of conveyor. Attaches nozzle onto spray gun and positions gun at specified distance from workpiece. Connects hoses from gun to air compressor and fuel tanks. Threads end from roll of specified wire through gun. Turns knobs and levers to synchronize speed of wire feed, air pressure, and specified flow of oxygen and fuel. Turns knobs and installs gears to set conveyor speed and holding device. Ignites gun to melt emerging wire at nozzle and presses button or turns handle to release compressed air which atomizes and sprays molten metal onto surface of workpiece. Inspects workpieces for coating defects and removes finished pieces from conveyor. May also install gears to accommodate larger workpieces. May also operate sandblasting equipment to roughen and clean surface of workpieces [SANDBLASTER (industry)]. May also preheat workpieces in oven. May also be designated according to type of equipment used as Metal-Spraying-Machine Operator, Crucible Gun (industry).

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