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Baker Helper 1: Performs any combination of following tasks in production of baked goods: Moves and distributes bakery supplies and products in and around production area of bakery, using handtrucks, dollies, troughs, and rack trucks. Weighs and measures ingredients, for example sugar, flour, yeast, syrup, and dough. Lifts and dumps containers of materials to help load and unload machines, bins, hoppers, racks, and ovens. Feeds lumps or sheets of dough into hopper or between rolls of machine. Cleans equipment, using brushes, cleanser, and water. Greases, lines, or dusts pans or boards preparatory to receiving product for baking. May also cut, turn, or twist dough into specified products and fill baking pans with dough. May also observe and rearrange baked products on conveyor before products enter slicing machine. May also tend equipment that dumps baked bread from pans onto conveyor for further processing. May also push racks of bakery products into designated areas to await further processing. May also be designated according to worker assisted as Batter-Mixer Helper (bakery industry), or according to machine operator assisted as Cracker-And-Cookie-Machine Operator Helper (bakery industry), Doughnut-Machine-Operator Helper (bakery industry), Cookie-Mixer Helper (bakery industry), Dividing-Machine-Operator Helper (bakery industry), Dough-Mixer Helper (bakery industry), Ingredient-Scaler Helper (bakery industry).

Job industry: bakery industry

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