Printed Circuit Boards Solder Leveler: A description for the printed circuit boards solder leveler job

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Printed Circuit Boards Solder Leveler – Tends processing equipment that prepares and applies solder to copper circuit areas of printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or panels: Reads process specifications and activates equipment units, for example conveyors, sprayers, pumps, brushes, air knives (blower mechanism), and solder bath. Adjusts equipment controls to regulate processing factors, for example temperatures, pressures, and speeds, according to specifications. Feeds boards on motorized conveyor leading into series of processing units, for example sprayers, brushes, dryers, and flux rollers, that clean copper circuit areas and apply flux preparatory to solder application. Removes boards from precleaning equipment conveyor and clamps boards to feeding mechanism of solder leveling equipment. Pushes button to activate equipment that automatically lowers board into molten solder bath, lifts boards out of bath, and moves boards past hot-air knives that smooth solder off noncopper areas. Monitors equipment operation and corrects minor malfunctions, for example board misfeeds, conveyor speeds, and temperature settings. Removes board from solder equipment and visually examines boards for completeness of soldering. Notifies supervisor of equipment malfunctions and board defects, for example discolored, missing, or unlevel solder. May also reroute defective boards through processing equipment to correct defects. May also maintain production records.

Job industry: electronic industry

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