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Lather – Fastens wooden, metal, or rockboard lath to walls, ceilings, and partitions of buildings to provide supporting base for plaster, fireproofing, or acoustical material, using handtools and portable power tools: Erects horizontal metal framework to which laths are fastened, using nails, bolts, and studgun. Drills holes in floor and ceiling, using portable electric tool, and drives ends of wooden or metal studs into holes to provide anchor for furring or rockboard lath. Wires horizontal strips to furring to stiffen framework. Cuts lath to fit openings and projections, using handtools or portable power tools. Wires, nails, clips, or staples lath to framework, ceiling joists, and flat concrete surfaces. Bends metal lath to fit corners, or attaches preformed corner reinforcements. Wires plasterer’s channels to overhead structural framework to provide support for plaster or acoustical ceiling tile. May also install metal casings around openings, metal window stools, and metal trim and plaster grounds (wood or metal strips) nailed to studding to provide guide for PLASTERER (construction industry). May also weld metal frame supports to steel structural members. May also be designated according to type of lath applied as Metal Lather (construction industry), Rockboard Lather (construction industry), Wood Lather (construction industry), or according to task performed as Metal Furrer (construction industry).

Job industry: construction industry

Other job descriptions:
Lather Apprentice
Plasterer 1
Plasterer Apprentice
Molding Plasterer
Dry Wall Applicator
Stucco Mason
Plaster Machine Tender
Dry Wall Sprayer
Dry Wall Applicator 1
Doping Supervisor
Waterproofing Supervisor
Wood Caulker
Corrosion Prevention Metal Sprayer
Steel Plate Caulker
Cement Mason
Cement Mason Apprentice
Concrete Stone Finisher
Cell Maker
Concrete Rubber
Nozzle Cement Sprayer Helper
Transportation Equipment Painter Apprentice
Transportation Equipment Painter
Sandblaster Paint Sprayer
Railroad Car Letterer
Car Scrubber
Automotive Painter Helper
Dispatcher 2
Airplane Coverer
Plastic Block Boiler Reliner
Cement Based Materials Pump Tender
Plastic Boat Buffer
Reclamation Supervisor 2
Core Drilling Supervisor
Labor Gang Supervisor
Riprap Placing Supervisor
Inspector Of Dredging
Grade Checker
Horizontal Earth Boring Machine Operator
Rock Drill Operator 2
Dredge Operator
Elevating Grader Operator
Lock Tender 2
Motor Grader Operator
Stripping Shovel Operator
Shield Runner
Bulldozer Operator 1
Ditcher Operator
Dragline Operator
Form Grader Operator
Mucking Machine Operator
Power Shovel Operator
Rock Drill Operator 1
Scraper Operator
Tower Excavator Operator
Utility Tractor Operator
Horizontal Earth Boring Machine Operator Helper
Stripping Shovel Oiler
Bank Boss
Sewer Maintenance Supervisor
Tele Grout Sewer Line Repairer
Sewer Line Photo Inspector
Irrigation System Installer
Septic Tank Installer
Asphalt Paving Supervisor
Mixing Place Supervisor
Asphalt Paving Machine Operator
Concrete Paving Machine Operator
Road Oiling Truck Driver
Stone Spreader Operator
Asphalt Distributor Tender
Curb Machine Operator
Heater Planer Operator
Joint Cleaning And Grooving Machine Operator
Asphalt Heater Tender
Right Of Way Maintenance Supervisor
Grading Supervisor
Pile Driving Supervisor
Tunnel Heading Supervisor
Street Openings Inspector
Gravel Inspector

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