In Flight Refueling System Repairer: A description for the in flight refueling system repairer job

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In Flight Refueling System Repairer – Inspects, tests, modifies, and repairs aircraft in-flight refueling systems and associated equipment, using electrical test instruments and special handtools, applying knowledge of system wiring diagrams, technical publications, and design characteristics: Repairs in-flight refueling electrical devices, for example elevation, telescope, and azimuth control assemblies and limit switches. Conducts detailed tests of in-flight refueling electrical systems, using ohmmeter, voltmeter, and electrical and hydraulic systems to ensure maximum operation efficiency, using wiring diagrams and technical publications. Adjusts end play, spacing, clearance, and specified torque on in-flight refueling components. Inspects seals, gaskets, hoses, tubing, hydraulic motors, fuel pumps, valves, filters, accumulators, and plumbing installations for leakage and functional operation. Fabricates wiring assemblies for replacing damaged cables and wiring in electrical systems.

Job industry: military industry

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