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Clinical Dietitian: Dietitian, therapeutic Plans therapeutic diets and implements preparation and service of meals for patients in hospital, clinic, or other health care facility: Consults with physician and other health care personnel to determine nutritional needs and diet restrictions, for example low fat or salt free, of patients. Formulates menus for therapeutic diets based on medical and physical condition of patients and integrates patient’s menus with basic institutional menus. Inspects meals served for conformance to prescribed diets and for standards of palatability and appearance. Instructs patients and their families in nutritional principles, dietary plans, food selection, and preparation. May also supervise activities of workers engaged in food preparation and service. May also engage in research [DIETITIAN, RESEARCH (professional industry) 077.061-010]. May also teach nutrition and diet therapy to medical students and hospital personnel [DIETITIAN, TEACHING (professional industry) 077.127-022].

Job industry: professional industry

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