Dough Mixer Operator: A description for the dough mixer operator job

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Dough Mixer Operator: Control-panel operator Controls semiautomatic equipment, from control panel, to blend ingredients for bread and deposit specified quantity of dough in baking pans: Notifies other workers to admit broth into feedlines and to start loading specified size pans onto conveyor. Turns handwheel to adjust conveyor guides to size of pans. Starts flour sifter, premixer that blends ingredients, and developer that kneads dough, working from remote control panel. Observes dials and recording instruments to verify temperature of broth, viscosity of dough, and speed of mixing units. Feels dough emerging from developer to ascertain that consistency meets plant standard. Turns developer speed control to specified setting and starts divider blades that pinch off and drop dough into pans passing on conveyor. Turns handwheel and control bar to adjust discharge aperture above divider blades so that dough is uniformly shaped and deposited in center of pan. Weighs sample pieces of dough and turns divider speed handle to regulate amount of dough deposited in pans. Records temperatures, viscosity, and feed rate from instrument readings.

Job industry: bakery industry

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