Dumper Bailer Operator: A description for the dumper bailer operator job

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Dumper Bailer Operator – Dumps sand and cement over shot of nitroglycerine in oil or gas wells to provide tamp and bridge (protective shielding) over area to be shot, using special bailer and hoist: Determines amount and consistency of tamping materials and cement according to size, depth, and similar characteristics of borehole. Selects tools, for example packers for use in borehole. Assembles and attaches tools and bailer to hoist line. Loads sand or other tamping materials into bailer and lowers bailer and tamping tools into borehole, using hoist. Mixes cement to specified consistency, using portable mixer. Loads cement in bailer, using bucket. Lowers and dumps cement in borehole, using hoist. Cleans and repairs equipment.

Job industry: gas industry

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