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Laborer 4 – Roustabout Performs any combination of following tasks in and about oil fields and pipelines, using handtools: Digs trenches for building foundations or for drainage around oil wells, storage tanks, and other installations. Fills excavations with dirt, using shovels. Loads and unloads trucks by hand or using handtrucks. Mixes concrete, using hoe and shovel. Carries concrete and tamps it into building forms. Bails spilled oil into buckets and barrels. Cleans and performs routine adjustments to machinery, using handtools, solvent, and rags. Cuts down trees and brush around oil field installations to reduce fire hazard or clear way for roads. Rolls and segregates pipe sections on racks in material yard to position pipes for testing. Connects pipe ends and hydraulic hose, using wrenches. Paints oil storage tanks, pumping units, and auxiliary equipment, using brush or spray painting equipment. May also clean and service motor vehicles and auxiliary equipment.

Job industry: gas industry

Other job descriptions:
Laborer 4
Latrine Cleaner
Rock Dust Sprayer
Sample Washer
Sand Filler
Head Refrigerating Engineer
Stationary Engineer Supervisor
Exhauster Engineer
Refrigerating Engineer
Boiler Operator
Gas Compressor Operator
Gas Engine Operator
Rotary Rig Engine Operator
Stationary Engineer
Stationary Engineer Apprentice
Humidifier Attendant
Panelboard Operator 2
Ventilation Equipment Tender
Boiler Operator Helper
Air Compressor Operator
Boiler Room Helper
High Pressure Firer
Low Pressure Firer
Marine Firer
Fuel House Attendant
Chief Substation Operator
Nuclear Power Plant Operations Supervisor
Chief Load Dispatcher
Chief Hydroelectric Station Operator
Local Superintendent
Head Turbine Operator
Operations Supervisor
Service Or Work Dispatcher
Load Dispatcher
Substation Inspector
Auxiliary Equipment Operator
Feeder Switchboard Operator
Hydroelectric Station Operator
Power Reactor Operator
Substation Operator
Substation Operator Apprentice
Switchboard Operator
Switchboard Operator 1
Turbine Operator
Trouble Shooter 1
Load Checker
Switchboard Operator Assistant
Switch Inspector
Diesel Plant Operator
Power Operator
Power Plant Operator
Cable Maintainer
Turbine Attendant
Powerhouse Laborer
Street Light Cleaner
Hydroelectric Plant Maintainer
Substation Operator Helper
Liquefaction And Regasification Supervisor
Gas Pumping Station Supervisor
Pressure Supervisor
Service Supervisor 1
Gas Dispatcher
Field Mechanical Meter Tester
Fuel Attendant
Liquefaction And Regasification Plant Operator
Pressure Controller
Gas Meter Installer
Gas Leak Inspector
Gas Meter Checker
House Piping Inspector
Gas Pumping Station Operator
Cylinder Inspector And Tester
Drip Pumper
Liquefaction And Regasification Helper
Gas Leak Inspector Helper
Gas Pumping Station Helper
Gas Meter Installer Helper
Pumping Station Supervisor
Water Treatment Plant Supervisor
Ditch Rider
Water Service Dispatcher
Waterworks Pump Station Operator
Water Treatment Plant Operator 1
Watershed Tender
Basin Operator
Water Meter Installer

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