Electric Meter Tester: A description for the electric meter tester job

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Electric Meter Tester – Meter tester Tests accuracy of meters used for recording electric current consumption and makes necessary adjustments, using following methods: (a) Connects meter to standard (specially calibrated electric meter mechanism) and adjusts standard’s dials to meter being tested. Pushes switch and allows needle on standard to revolve specified number of turns or for clocked period. Compares meter and standard calibrated dials to ascertain accuracy of meter. (b) Connects testing instruments, for example wattmeter, voltmeter, and ammeter, across coils of meter and allows load to pass through meter for clocked period. Computes watt-hours of current consumed, using instrument readings and time factor. Compares watt-hour computations with dial on tested meter to determine meter accuracy. Adjusts meters by loosening or tightening screws, using screwdriver. Inspects wiring of installed meters for improper connections or diversions of current. May also make minor repairs and recommend meter removal for major repair. May also clean mechanism with solution and small brush. May also calculate inaccurate meter variations from standard. May also set up auxiliary equipment to route current around installed meter during testing to avoid interruption to service. Does not perform tests on inaccurate meters to diagnose malfunctioning if inaccuracy cannot be corrected by screw adjustment [INSIDE-METER TESTER (power industry) 729.281-034].May also be designated according to types of meters tested as Meter Tester, Demand Meters (power industry), Meter Tester, Polyphase (power industry), Meter Tester, Primary utilities), Meter Tester, Single Phase (utilitie

Job industry: power industry

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