Sound Technician Supervisor: A description for the sound technician supervisor job

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Sound Technician Supervisor – Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in installing, servicing, and repairing commercial sound systems in businesses, offices, and industrial work places: Reads sales orders to ascertain specifications of units to be installed, to determine components, coaxial cable, fittings, and connectors required, and to prepare installation orders for crew. Scans installation site to determine degree of difficulty of installation and to ascertain equipment needs. Assigns installation tasks to individual workers, according to their skills and experience. Explains and demonstrates tasks to workers to impart knowledge and upgrade skill level. Oversees work in progress to ensure quality of work and professional appearance of installation. Turns volume and tone controls to adjust sound levels to harmonize with room size and ambient noises and to test installation. Prepares checklist to indicate inspection of each step and completion of installation. Writes listing to indicate work performed, components installed, distances wired, coaxial cable, fittings, and connectors used, and hours of work expended. Reads reports of malfunctions to diagnose probable cause and to ascertain make, model, and size of installation. Prepares work order and dispatches SOUND TECHNICIAN (industry) 829.281-022 to repair and service system components. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: business industry

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