Extruding And Drawing Jobs: A description for the extruding and drawing jobs group

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Extruding And Drawing Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to producing rods, tubes, and various solid and hollow sections by forcing hot metal through a die by such means as rams.

Job descriptions in this group:
Drawing Supervisor
Extrusion Supervisor
Extrusion Press Adjuster
Wire Drawer
Wire Drawer 1
Wire Drawing Machine Operator
Draw Bench Operator
Extruder Operator 3
Extrusion Press Operator 1
Wire Charger
Draw Bench Operator 1
Billet Assembler
Tester Operator
Extruding Press Operator
Extrusion Press Operator 2
Reducing Machine Operator
Tube Drawer
Wire Drawing Machine Tender
Draw Bench Operator Helper
Tester Operator Helper

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