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Tester Operator – Breaker operator, nicker and breaker Breaks extruded tubes and rods by one or more of following methods and inspects exposed surface for defects, for example bubbles beneath skin of metal resulting from too rapid extrusion: (a) Nicks workpiece, using file or saw, and breaks workpiece at nick by bending back and forth. (b) Saws off piece of tube and holds on table under cone-shaped expander of hydraulic breaker. Starts mechanism to raise table, forcing tube over expander to split sides of tube. (c) Loads coiled rod onto coil tester and pulls end of rod to straighten it. Places end of rod in channel of tester and starts mechanism oscillating to fracture rod. (d) Places rod in machine and actuates wedge to partially cut rod. Twists and bends rod to break off test piece. Examines ends or interior of rods and tubes for bubbles and cuts off defective sections, using circular saw or automatic shears. Gathers and sorts scrap materials according to type of metal. Positions rods and tubes on table of circular saw or shearing machine and cuts them to length. Important variables may also be indicated by trade names of machines used or workpiece tested.

Job industry: primary industry

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