Farm Machine Tender: A description for the farm machine tender job

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Farm Machine Tender: Tends machines, for example corn shelling machine, winnowing machine, and grass-removing machine that separate crops from waste materials, for example grass, twigs, and cobs: Turns switches to activate machinery, for example conveyors, blowers, and shakers. Adjusts machinery to obtain optimum separations. Loads conveyors, hoppers, and wheels to feed machines. Positions boxes or attaches bags at discharge end of conveyor to catch products. Moves baffle lever that channels product flow to container or stops flow during container exchanges. Observes machine operation to detect malfunctions and adjusts machine, lubricates parts, and replaces pieces to improve performance. Stops machinery and pulls debris or overloads from conveyors to avoid clogging. May also level and smooth materials on conveyor to regulate flow through machine. May also weigh containers to ensure conformance with specifications. May also close filled sacks, using needle and thread or tie-string, and stencil identifying information on sack. May also mix and pour chemical solutions, for example preservatives and insecticides, in treating tanks. May also transport materials and products to and from machine, using dump truck. May also be identified with machine tended.

Job industry: agricultural services industry

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