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File Clerk 1: Files records in alphabetical or numerical order, or according to subject matter or other system: Reads incoming material and sorts according to file system. Places cards, forms, microfiche, or other material in storage receptacle, for example file cabinet, drawer, or box. Locates and removes files upon request. Keeps records of material removed, stamps material received, traces missing files, and types indexing information on folders. May also verify accuracy of material to be filed. May also enter information on records. May also examine microfilm and microfiche for legibility, using microfilm and microfiche viewers. May also color-code material to be filed to reduce filing errors. May also be designated according to subject matter filed, for example Change-of-Address Clerk (clerical jobs), or according to material filed, for example File Clerk, Correspondence (clerical jobs).

Job industry: clerical jobs

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