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Financial Institution Manager: Manages branch or office of financial institutions, for example commercial bank, credit union, finance company, mortgage company, savings bank, or trust company: Directs and coordinates activities to implement institution policies, procedures, and practices concerning granting or extending lines of credit, commercial loans, real estate loans, and consumer credit loans. Directs, through subordinate supervisors, activities of workers engaged in implementing establishment services and performing such functions as collecting delinquent accounts, authorizing loans, or opening savings account. Establishes procedures for custody and control of assets, records, loan collateral, and securities to ensure safekeeping. Contacts customers and business, community, and civic organizations to promote goodwill and generate new business. May also prepare financial and regulatory reports required by law, regulations, and board of directors. May also examine, evaluate, and process loan applications. May also recommend securities to board or corporate officers for institution investment. May also talk to customers to resolve account problems. May also interview and hire workers. May also evaluate data pertaining to costs to plan budget. May also plan and develop methods and procedures for carrying out activities of establishment. May also be designated according to type of financial institution managed, as Manager, Branch Bank (financial industry), Manager, Commercial Bank (financial industry), Manager, Credit Union (financial industry), Manager, Finance Company (financial industry), Manager, Mortgage Company (financial industry), Manager, Savings Bank (financial industry), Manager, Trust Company (financial industry).

Job industry: financial industry

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