Fitting Bolting Screwing And Related Jobs: A description for the fitting bolting screwing and related jobs group

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Fitting Bolting Screwing And Related Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to joining structural parts and components with bolts, screws, and related fasteners, or by fitting (placing) reinforcing steel or iron in forms to strengthen concrete. Fitting, bolting, screwing, and related jobs regarding to the assembly of transportation equipment only are included in Group 806.

Job descriptions in this group:
Chimney Construction Supervisor
Fitting Supervisor
Ride Assembly Supervisor
Reinforced Steel Placing Supervisor
Assembly Supervisor 3
Inspection Supervisor 1B
Mining Machinery Assembler
Fitter 1
Rotary Engine Assembler
Blower And Compressor Assembler
Structural Steel Worker
Structural Steel Worker Apprentice
Tank Setter
Metal Building Assembler
Major Assembly Inspector
Wire Mesh Gate Assembler
Assembly Inspector Helper
Liner Replacer
Merchant Mill Utility Worker
Roll Builder 1
Shipping Inspector
Jig Fitter
Pattern Gater
Playground Equipment Erector
Progressive Assembler And Fitter
Reinforcing Metal Worker
Internal Combustion Engine Assembler Helper
Fitter Helper
Tank Setter Helper

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