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Furnace Operator 2: Operates furnace to remove moisture, arsenic, or sulfur from ore: Charges top hearth of roaster with ore, regulating rate of charge by means of chute door. Determines speed with which roaster is being charged by weighing sample of charge ore obtained over measured interval of time. Starts rabbles (automatic rakes) that scrape hearth beds continually and move ore from one hearth to next lower one. Regulates draft and temperature of roaster by adjusting dampers and gas pressure. Replaces rabble arms by detaching arm from shaft with bar and removing it with hoist. Replaces defective rabble teeth. Directs workers in removing incrustations from hearth beds. Removes samples of roasted ore for laboratory analysis. May also clean arms and rabbles with scrapers and iron bars. May also determine oxide content of dried ore by titrating specified amount of flakes and calculating percentage. May also replace defective parts and clean equipment.

Job industry: smelting

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