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Molder: Sand molder Forms sand molds to fabricate metal castings, using patterns or match plates, flasks, handtools and power tools, following instructions and applying knowledge of variables, for example metal characteristics, molding sand, pattern contours, and pouring procedures: Places flask and drag onto molding board and positions pattern inside drag. Sprinkles or sprays parting agent onto pattern and flask, to facilitate removal of pattern from mold, and positions reinforcing wire in flask. Sifts sand over pattern, using riddle, and compacts sand around pattern contours. Shovels and packs sand into flask, using hand or pneumatic ramming tools. Inverts drag, positions cope half of pattern and flask onto drag, and repeats sand molding operation to imbed pattern into cope. Lifts cope from drag and removes pattern. Cuts runner and sprue hole into mold and repairs damaged impressions, using handtools, for example slick, trowel, spoon, and sprue cutter. Positions specified cores into drag and reassembles cope and drag. Moves and positions workpieces, for example flasks, patterns, and bottom boards, using overhead crane, or signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR (industry) 921.663-010 to move and position workpieces. Pours molten metal into mold, manually or using crane ladle, or directs POURER, METAL (foundry) 514.684-022 to fill mold. May also form and assemble slab cores around pattern to reinforce mold, using handtools and glue. May also operate ovens or furnaces to melt, skim, and flux metal. May also form molds at bench and be designated Molder, Bench (concrete industry) (foundry) or form molds on floor and be designated Molder, Floor (foundry).

Job industry: aerospace industry concrete industry foundry

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