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Caster 2: Metal pourer Casts nonferrous metal into pigs and transports them to storage, using handtools and forklift: Secures hook to eye on bottom of crucible and signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR (industry) 921.663-010 to position crucible and pour metal into stationary molds. Turns handwheel and moves levers to regulate flow of metal from furnace into conveyor molds. Skims slag from surface of pigs into dross buggy, using dross hoe, metal rake, or carbon stick. Installs and changes stencils in automatic stenciler, or stamps identifying information on pigs with hammer and die. Removes pigs from mold, using crowbar, or sets pins and hooks chain for crane to lift pigs from molds. Shovels scrap metal into buggy for return to furnace. Moves pigs to storage area, using forklift. Inserts fire clay on end of rod into taphole to seal furnace.

Job industry: smelting

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