Nozzle And Sleeve Worker: A description for the nozzle and sleeve worker job

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Nozzle And Sleeve Worker: Removes, replaces, and adjusts nozzles and cylinders (sleeves) of diecasting machines: Disconnects and removes gooseneck (spout) from gooseneck machine, using wrenches, chain falls, and hoist. Knocks nozzle loose with bar and hammer. Drives replacement nozzle into gooseneck. Reinstalls gooseneck in metal pot, aligning nozzle with gate according to scale measurements. Removes plunger from sleeve of cold-shot machine, using wrenches, and pushes defective sleeve from machine. Installs new sleeve by inserting holding pin, making screw adjustments, and taking scale measurements. Periodically inspects nozzle and sleeve adjustments along machine line. Assists other workers in adjusting, installing, and removing diecasting machine nozzles and cylinders. Keeps records of sleeve and nozzle adjustments and replacements. May also replace movable gooseneck setup with new parts.

Job industry: primary industry

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