General Laborer 4: A description for the general laborer 4 job

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General Laborer 4: Performs any combination of following tasks involved in production of paints and varnishes: Dumps calcined and metallic pigments into hopper of automatic grinder to reduce pigments to powdered form. Spreads layers of cinders and black ash over screen of leach box and opens valve that sprays hot water on box to recover barium sulfide from black ash. Pumps pigment slurries and paints through filters to remove lumps and impurities. Fills cleaning tank with water and caustic and turns steam valve to heat tank. Places equipment to be cleaned, for example pails, chutes, and mixing pans in tank. Removes equipment from cleaning tank after specified time and rinses equipment, using water hose. Unloads drums, barrels, and raw materials from freight cars and trucks, and stacks them in warehouse or work areas. Cleans work areas, using broom, rags, and solvent. May also be known according to specific task performed as Black-Ash Worker (paint industry), Equipment Cleaner (paint industry), Strainer (paint industry).

Job industry: paint industry

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