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Treating Engineer: Retort engineer, timber-treating-tank operator, treating-plant operator Controls one or more cylinder retorts to impregnate wood products, for example railroad ties, piling, telephone poles, and fenceposts, with preserving or fireproofing chemicals: Turns valves to admit treating solution into retort and steam into heating coils. Presses buttons to activate vacuum- and hydraulic-pressure pumps that remove air and steam from retort and force treating solution into pores of wood to accelerate treatment process. Observes gauges and turns valves to maintain specified heat, vacuum and hydraulic pressure, and level of solution in retort during each phase of treatment cycle, according to treating schedule. Pumps treating solution back into storage tank at end of treating cycle. Opens, or signals TREATING-ENGINEER HELPER (wood products) 561.685-010 to open, retort doors. Heats unseasoned wood in retort to remove moisture preparatory to treating process. May also operate locomotive or winch to move tram loads of wood products in and out of retort. May also take and test sample borings, using laboratory equipment, to determine if treatment meets customers’ specifications or standard chemical-analysis requirements. May also be required to hold license.

Job industry: wood products

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