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Wood Preserving Plant Laborer: Performs any combination of following duties to store, move, treat, and process wood products in wood-preserving plant: Piles wood products, for example ties, piling, poles, and fence posts, on trams, by hand or by use of overhead hoist. Inserts wooden strips to bind and space load, and shapes load to fit cylinder retort. Chains or bolts down tram loads, using wrenches and fasteners. Bolts and unbolts doors of retorts with hand or pneumatic wrench. Pulls loads in and out of retorts, using winch. Drills test-bores in treated or untreated wood with hand drill. Opens and closes valves for operating retort. Loads and unloads wood materials from railroad cars, trucks, and barges. Moves and positions timbers and piling in framing or pole yard. Feeds woodstock into various machines that adz, bore, cut, incise, or peel it, and removes processed material by hand or by use of hoist. Burns identification markings in poles, using branding iron. May also be designated according to duties performed as Adzing-and-Boring-Machine Helper (wood products), Cross-Tie-Tram Loader (wood products), Tie Handler (wood products), Wincher (wood products).

Job industry: wood products

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