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Treating Plant Operator: Controls oven, humidifier unit, and auxiliary equipment to temper pressed hardboard by heat and moisture: Observes gauges and chart recorders on instrument panel and adjusts controls to start fans, set oven temperature, and regulate moisture conditions in humidifier unit according to plant specifications. Tends machine that immerses hardboard sheets in oil to impart smooth finish on both sides. Pushes hardboard sheets to be tempered onto roller conveyor leading from oiling machine to tilting device that dumps sheets into electric transfer cart. Drives loaded cart to oven. Pulls overhead wire to position loaded cart in oven to cure board. Drives cart from oven to humidifier unit after prescribed time and back to tilting device for unloading board after tempering. Starts mechanism that dumps tempered board from cart. Inspects board for defects, for example scratches, streaks, and discoloration. Verifies adherence of board to specifications, using viscometer to determine resilience of sheet to known stress, and coating machine that applies varnish to board surface to test sealing qualities of finish. Delivers samples of tempered board to control laboratory for exhaustive testing. Keeps records of gauge readings, test results, and shift production. Labels ticket attached to each lot of tempered board to facilitate work of inventory control and shipping personnel.

Job industry: wood products

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