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General Laborer 6: Clean-up worker, yard worker Performs any combination of following duties involved in manufacturing brick and tile products: Loads articles, for example brick, tiles, and sewer pipe on pallets and transports them to machines, disposal, or storage area, using handtruck. Carries bricks to kilns. Pushes empty kiln cars, drier cars, and mine cars to work areas. Replaces sifting screens in grinding units. Shovels clay-bearing earth into mine cars, couples cars, and signals TRUCK-CRANE OPERATOR (industry) 921.663-062 to draw loaded cars to mouth of pit mine. Clears weeds, topsoil, roots, and debris from working areas in pit mines. Digs ditches in pit, using shovel. Trims walls and roof of clay tunnel in pits, using shovel. Cleans machines and passage areas of dust and clay residue, using broom and shovel. Smooths dried, unburnt clay blocks, using knife, board, and mallet.

Job industry: brick industry

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General Laborer 6
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