House Piping Inspector: A description for the house piping inspector job

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House Piping Inspector – Inspects and tests new gas-pipe installations in buildings to determine conformance to company and city requirements: Screws coupling into gasline to facilitate attachment of handpump testing set. Pumps air and reads gauge to determine specified amount of air pumped into gasline. Patches gauge to detect fall in pressure indicating leaks in gasline. Observes pressure gauge while joints are being tightened by coworkers to determine when leak has been detected and repaired. Tests joints with soap and water and observes bubble formation to detect leaks. Examines flue openings of gas-heating appliances to determine conformance to specifications. Notifies customer of needed repairs. Prepares inspection report. May also inspect installations, for example gas mains, services (pipes from mains to residences), meters, and regulators and be designated Utility Inspector (power industry). May also test for presence of subsurface gas to detect leaks in underground gaspipes [GAS-LEAK INSPECTOR (pipe industry) (power industry)].

Job industry: power industry

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