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Induction Machine Setter: Sets up variety of induction machines for INDUCTION-MACHINE OPERATORS (heat treating) to heattreat metal objects according to specifications: Reads work order to determine size and grade of workpiece to be processed. Determines frequency of current, time cycle, and induction heating coil to be used for each job, using knowledge of induction machines, heat-treating methods, and properties of metals. Positions and fastens induction coil and fixture on machine, using wrenches. Adjusts controls to set frequency of current and automatic timer judging from color whether pan is heated to specified temperature. Positions and fastens part in fixture and starts machine to heattreat sample part. Tests hardness of sample [HARDNESS INSPECTOR (heat treating)]. Adjusts frequency of current, automatic timer, and fixture on machine until sample meets specifications. May also operate induction machine as part of regular duties.

Job industry: heat treating

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