Juice Packaging Machines Setter: A description for the juice packaging machines setter job

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Juice Packaging Machines Setter – Sets up and adjusts can filling and sealing machines and caser machines to package juice in juice processing establishment: Selects filler tubes according to size of cans to be filled and installs and adjusts tubes in filling and sealing machines, following production specifications and using wrench. Adjusts tension controls on filling and sealing machines to regulate pressure of filling, capping, and sealing mechanisms, following operation manual and using screwdriver. Sets and adjusts caser machine controls that position feed hopper, folding and pressure rollers, and conveyor guides to encase products in conformity with size and shape specifications, using mechanic’s handtools. Starts machines, monitors filling, sealing, and casing operations, and adjusts machines to conform with operations specifications and production requirements. Replaces worn or damaged machine parts. Dismantles, cleans, and reassembles machines. Cleans machines and lubricates moving parts [MACHINE CLEANER (industry) 699.687-014]. Occasionally installs cables to connect machines to power source, using electrician’s handtools.

Job industry: canning industry

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