Kettle Operator 2: A description for the kettle operator 2 job

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Kettle Operator 2: Controls heated reaction kettles to process liquid and solid materials into specified chemical products: Turns valves or starts automatic metering pumps that admit specified quantity of liquid materials into kettle. Weighs and dumps or scoops prescribed solid, granular, or powdered ingredients into kettle, according to production sheet. Starts agitator to mix materials for specified time or stirs mixture with paddle. Observes gauges and recording instruments, and adjusts valves and controls to maintain temperature, vacuum pressure, and speed of reaction in kettle within prescribed limits. Draws sample of product for laboratory analysis. May also test product for specified characteristics, for example acidity and composition, using standard litmus paper test and pH meter. May also observe reaction through porthole in equipment and adjust controls to regulate speed or degree of reaction, according to knowledge of process. May also tend auxiliary equipment, for example quench tanks and filter presses, to process resulting product or ingredients used to sustain reaction. May also be designated by degree of pressure maintained in kettle as High-Pressure-Kettle Operator (chemical industry), Low-Pressure-Kettle Operator (chemical industry).

Job industry: chemical industry

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