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Machine Cloth Examiner – Cloth inspector, final inspector, inspection-machine tender, percher, perch-machine inspector Inspects finished or unfinished cloth for weaving or finishing defects, using power-driven examining frame: Pulls fabric over rollers, down over inspection board, and wraps cloth end around takeup beam or tube, or positions supply truck under swing-folding attachment. Sets yardage clock at zero and presses button or pedal that starts movement of cloth over inspection board. Scans cloth for defects, for example grease spots, slubs, mispicks, uneven selvages, and irregularities in color. Marks defects with chalk, thread, or adhesive sticker. Records information, for example defects, cloth style, and yardage inspected. May also correct reparable defects, for example soils, slubs, or loose ends, using steel pick, scissors, knife, or cleaning solution. May also cut irreparable defects from cloth, using scissors, and sew cloth ends together, using needle and thread or sewing machine. May also mount and doff rolls of cloth, using hoist. May also grade cloth according to quality, using written standards. May also cut or tear strip from end of cloth for sample. May also count number of picks per inch, using pick counter. May also feel cloth to compare texture with that of sample. When reexamining cloth to verify defects marked by other workers, is designated Rechecker (textile industry). May also be designated according to fabric examined as Asbestos-Cloth Inspector (abrasive), Base-Cloth Inspector (carpet industry), Greige-Goods Examiner (textile industry), Knitted-Cloth Examiner (knitting industry), Lace Inspector (knitting industry). May also be designated: Finished-Cloth Examiner (textile industry), Inspector, Coated Fabrics (textile products), Silk Examiner (textile industry), Tire-Fabric Inspector (textile products), Woolens Examiner (textile industry).

Job industry: textile industry

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