Marine Mechanics And Repairers: A description for the marine mechanics and repairers group

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Marine Mechanics And Repairers – This job group consists off jobs regarding to repairing mechanical equipment aboard fresh-water and sea-going ships, tugboats, barges, lighters, floating drydocks, and other marine craft and floating structures, and repairing related harbor and dock machinery.

Job descriptions in this group:
Outside Machinist Supervisor
Gear Repair Supervisor
Outboard Motors Experimental Mechanic
Outboard Motor Tester
Deck Engineer
Deep Submergence Vehicle Crewmember
Marine Engine Machinist Apprentice
Outside Machinist Apprentice
Marine Engine Machinist
Outside Machinist
Engine Maintenance Mechanic
Motorboat Mechanic
Outboard Motor Mechanic
Gear Repairer
Motorboat Mechanic Helper
Outside Machinist Helper

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