Sheet And Bar Rolling Jobs: A description for the sheet and bar rolling jobs group

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Sheet And Bar Rolling Jobs – This job group consists off jobs regarding to shaping, reducing the cross sectional area, and elongating metal pieces by passing them between smooth-surfaced or circumferentially grooved rotating rolls which exert a continuous compressive force. Includes rolling wire from billets and rods.

Job descriptions in this group:
Blooming Mill Supervisor
Merchant Mill Rolling And Finishing Supervisor
Structural Rolling And Finishing Supervisor
Hot Strip Mill Supervisor
Roll Forming Machine Set Up Mechanic
Roll Tube Setter
Hot Mill Tin Roller
Guide Setter
Heater 1
Primary Mill Roller
Speed Operator
Coiler Operator
Finisher 1
Screwdown Operator
Furnace Operator 6
Rolling Mill Operator
Piercing Machine Operator
Rolling Attendant
Rougher Operator
Cold Mill Operator
Straightening Roll Operator
Liner Assembler
Plate Mill Mill Hand
Reeling Machine Operator
Strip Roller
Table Operator
Rolls Mill Operator
Heater Helper
Piercing Mill Operator
Roller Leveler Operator
Rolling Mill Operator Helper
Tubing Machine Operator
Bed Operator

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