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Model Maker – Lays out, fabricates, and assembles scale models of aeronautical and aerospace products, for example aircraft and missiles, utilizing knowledge of model building, lofting principles, and machining, using precision instruments, tools, machines, and equipment: Reviews engineering information and model design to determine methods and sequence of operations to build model. Lays out design to determine lines and contours for model, according to blueprints, rough sketches, or verbal instructions, using trigonometric calculations and principles of model designing for establishing station lines and index points. Marks radius, contour, angle, and dimensions on materials, for example wood, metal, and plastic, using measuring instruments, crayon, scriber, or other method. Sets up and operates shop equipment, for example saws, planer, jointer, drill press, wood lathe, shear, and brake, to fabricate parts, for example nacelles, wings, and control surfaces. Shapes and hand finishes model to required contours and tolerances, using tools and work aids, for example knives, chisel, file, and sandpaper. Drills, countersinks, and reams holes in parts and assemblies for fasteners, for example bolts, screws, and dowel pins, using power tools. Fits, aligns, and joins model parts, assemblies, and working mechanisms into complete structure, using jigs, fasteners, glue, solder, or other method. Sprays or brushes protective, finish, or decorative coatings, for example enamel, paint, or lacquer, on model surfaces. Develops and constructs holding fixtures, jigs, special tools, fittings, templates, patterns, and molds used to construct models. May also construct, operate, and maintain associated test equipment. May also install model in wind tunnel and modify model during tests as directed by engineering personnel and be designated Model Builder, Wind Tunnel (aerospace industry). May also construct models for display, advertising, or sales purposes and be designated Model Builder, Display (aerospace industry).

Job industry: aerospace industry

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