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Cutter Operator 1 – Sheeter operator, slitter sheeter operator Sets up and operates cutting machine equipped with rotary or reciprocating blades to cut rolls of material, for example cloth, paper, paperboard, cellophane, or plastic into sheets, according to specifications: Reads work order to determine dimensions of sheets to be cut. Inserts shaft into core of one or more rolls and raises and positions roll or rolls on cutter rack, using hoist. Threads ends of material through feed rollers, under or across cutting blades, and aligns material against machine guides. Turns rheostat or handwheel to adjust tension of material and to synchronize timing of cutting blades with rate of material feed to regulate length and width of cut. Starts machine and verifies size of cut material, using rule, or notes accuracy of knife cut on spots of premarked paper. Readjusts machine to ensure specified dimensions of sheet. Starts counting device, conveyor belt, or automatic take off table, or raises platform (bearing pallet) on machines equipped with these devices. Observes operation of machine to detect malfunctions, for example jamming, wrinkling, or tearing of material. Stops machine to make required adjustments. Replaces worn cutting blades, using handtools. May also oversee duties of assistant operator. May also operate machine equipped with electronic eye to control timing of cutting blades and be designated Spot Cutter (industry). May also be designated according to material cut as Cellophane Sheeter (industry), Foil Cutter (electronic industry), Paperboard Sheeter (paper products), Paper Sheeter (industry), or according to purpose for which material is cut as Envelope Cutter (paper products), Liner Sheeter (industry), Tag-And-Label Cutter (printing industry), Wrapper Sheeter (industry).

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