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Oven Tender: Tends stationary or rotary hearth oven that bakes bread, pastries, and other bakery products: Places pans of unbaked goods on blade of long-handled paddle (peel). Opens oven door and slides loaded peel into oven. Jerks paddle from under pans to deposit them on hearth. Observes gauges and turns valves to regulate heat and humidity of oven. Notes color of products during baking to ensure uniformity of finished products. Removes baked goods from oven with peel, and places them on tiered racks. Flips switch to position hearth for loading and unloading when tending rotary hearth oven. May also place bagels into kettle of boiling water, remove bagels from kettle, using ladle, and sprinkle bagels with seasoning prior to placing bagels in oven. May also be designated according to type of oven tended or product baked as Oven Tender, Bagels (bakery industry), Peel Oven Tender (bakery industry), Rotary-Peel Oven Tender (bakery industry).

Job industry: bakery industry

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