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Plumbing Inspector: Inspects plumbing installations for conformance to governmental codes, sanitation standards, and construction specifications: Inspects commercial and industrial plumbing systems for conformance to plumbing laws and codes and approved plans and specifications. Inspects water-supply systems, drainage and sewer systems, water heater installations, fire sprinkler systems, and air and gas piping systems for approved materials, specified pipe sizes and connections, required grade and fitting, approved back-flow prevention devices, required bracing, ventilation, and air- and- water-tightness. Inspects building sites for soil type to determine fill conditions, water table level, site layout, seepage rate, and other conditions. Advises owners and contractors on acceptable locations for septic tanks, cesspools, and seepage pits. Interviews PLUMBER (construction industry) working in jurisdiction to determine possession of valid jobal licenses. Reviews plumbing permit applications and verifies payment of fees. Reviews complaints concerning alleged violations of plumbing code, gathers evidence, and appears in court as witness. Keeps records of inspections performed, actions taken, and corrections recommended and secured.

Job industry: government industry

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