Pouring And Casting Jobs: A description for the pouring and casting jobs group

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Pouring And Casting Jobs: This job group consists off jobs regarding to pouring, injecting, centrifuging, or pressing molten or powdered metal into a mold or other receptacle, and permitting or causing it to solidify.

Job descriptions in this group:
Permanent Mold Supervisor
Die Casting Supervisor
Chief Inspector
Tapper Supervisor
Pig Machine Supervisor
Pit And Auxiliaries Supervisor
Die Casting Machine Setter
Pig Machine Operator
Die Casting Machine Operator 1
Centrifugal Casting Machine Operator 2I
Mold Worker
Vacuum Caster
Ingot Header
Casting Operator
Cupola Tapper
Casting Wheel Operator Helper
Pig Machine Operator Helper
Spout Worker
Casting Wheel Operator
Carbon Blocks Press Operator
Caster 2
Ladle Pourer
Nozzle And Sleeve Worker
Metal Pourer
Centrifugal Casting Machine Operator 1
Centrifugal Casting Machine Operator 2
Die Casting Machine Operator 2
Lime Mixer Tender
Tube Cleaning Operator
Casting Inspector
Casting House Worker
Casting Operator Helper

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