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Proof Machine Operator: Proof clerk, transit clerk Operates machines to encode, add, cancel, photocopy, and sort checks, drafts, and money orders for collection and to prove records of transactions: Places checks into machine that encodes amounts in magnetic ink, adds amounts, and cancels check. Enters amount of each check, using keyboard. Places encoded checks in sorter and activates machine to automatically microfilm, sort, and total checks according to bank drawn on. Observes panel light to note check machine cannot read. Reads check and enters data, for example amount, bank, or account number, using keyboard. Compares machine totals to listing received with batch of checks and rechecks each item if totals differ. Encodes correct amount or prepares transaction correction record, if error is found. Bundles sorted check with tape listing each item to prepare checks, drawn on other banks, for collection. May also enter commands to transfer data from machine to computer. May also operate separate photocopying machine. May also clean equipment and replace printer ribbons, film, and tape. May also manually sort and list items for proof or collection. May also record, sort, and prove other transaction documents, for example deposit and withdrawal slips, using proof machine.

Job industry: financial industry

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