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Real Estate Clerk: Maintains records regarding to rental, sale, and management of real estate, performing any combination of following duties: Types copies of listings of real estate rentals and sales for distribution to trade publications, and for use as reference data by other departments. Computes interest owed, penalty payment, amount of principal, and taxes due on mortgage loans, using calculating machine. Holds in escrow collateral posted to ensure fulfillment of contracts in transferring real estate and property titles. Checks due notices on taxes and renewal dates of insurance and mortgage loans to take follow-up action. Sends out rent notices to tenants. Writes checks in payment of bills due, keeps record of disbursements, and examines cancelled returned checks for endorsement. Secures estimates from contractors for building repairs. May also compile list of prospects from leads in newspapers and trade periodicals to locate prospective purchasers of real estate. May also open, sort, and distribute mail. May also submit photographs and descriptions of property to newspaper for publication. May also maintain and balance bank accounts for sales transactions and operating expenses. May also maintain log of sales and commissions received by SALES AGENT, REAL ESTATE (real estate industry) 250.357-018. May also scan records and files to identify dates requiring administrative action, for example insurance premium due dates, tax due notices, and lease expiration dates. May also compose and prepare routine correspondence, rental notices, letters, and material for advertisement.

Job industry: real estate industry

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