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Publications Editor: Formulates policy, plans, coordinates, and directs editorial activities, and supervises workers who assist in selecting and preparing material for publication in magazines, trade journals, house organs, and related publications: Confers with executives, department heads, and editorial staff to formulate policy, coordinate department activities, establish production schedules, solve publication problems, and discuss makeup plans and organizational changes. Determines theme of issue and gathers related material. Writes or assigns staff members or freelance writers to write articles, reports, editorials, reviews, and other material. Reads and evaluates material submitted for publication consideration. Secures graphic material from picture sources and assigns artists and photographers to produce pictures and illustrations. Assigns staff member, or personally interviews individuals and attends gatherings, to obtain items for publication, verify facts, and clarify information. Assigns research and other editorial duties to assistants. Organizes material, plans overall and individual page layouts, and selects type. Marks dummy pages to indicate position and size of printed and graphic material. Reviews final proofs and approves or makes changes. Reviews and evaluates work of staff members and makes recommendations and changes. May also perform related editorial duties listed under EDITORIAL ASSISTANT (printing industry). May also direct activities of production, circulation, or promotion personnel. May also prepare news or public relations releases, special brochures, and similar materials. May also be designated according to type of publication worked on as Communications Manager (printing industry), Editor, Farm Journal (printing industry), Editor, House Organ (printing industry), Editor, Magazine (printing industry), Editor, Trade Journal (printing industry), Industrial Editor (printing industry).

Job industry: printing industry

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