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Pumper Helper: Assists STILL-PUMP OPERATOR (petroleum industry) and PUMPER (petroleum industry) in pumping crude, semiprocessed, and finished petroleum products, water, and chemical solutions through processing, storage, and shipping departments of refinery: Turns valves and switches to start and regulate operation of pumping units. Turns handwheels to open and close pipeline and tankage valves to direct flow of product to destination. Inspects pumps, lines, and tankage valves for leaks and malfunctioning. Lubricates valves and pumps. Tightens connections, using wrenches. Gauges contents of tanks, using tape gauge or automatic remote-controlled gauging equipment. Takes temperature readings by lowering thermometer into tank. Draws samples of product by lowering sample container into tank or by opening bleeder valves on pipelines to draw sample. Loads barges and tank cars. May also make specific gravity and color tests. May also clean equipment. May also use radio or telephone to communicate with PUMPER (petroleum industry). May also blend and dye gasolines, using standardized formulas, and prepare blending report. Performs other duties as described under HELPER (industry) Master Title.

Job industry: petroleum industry

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