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Screw Machine Set Up Operator: Automatic-screw-machine operator, bar-machine operator, screw-machine operator Sets up and operates single- or multiple-spindle lathe-type screw machines equipped with automatic indexing and feeding mechanisms to machine metal bar stock, following specifications and tooling instructions and applying knowledge of screw machine operations: Reads blueprint or job order for product specifications, for example dimensions, tolerances, number of parts to be machined, and tooling instructions, for example cutting speeds, feed rates, depth of cuts, and cutting tools to be used. Positions and secures specified collets, bushings, and stock pushers onto stock-feeding mechanism, using wrenches and screwdrivers, and loads bar stock into feeding mechanism, manually or using hoist. Installs and adjusts specified cams, gears, and stops to control stock and tool movements at each station. Positions and secures tools in toolholders, verifying positions with gauges and other measuring instruments. Sets cutting speeds and feed rates. Moves controls to cycle machine through settings, stopping machine and adjusting tool positions and machine controls to allow for operating factors, for example timing, clearance between moving parts, and chip removal. Starts machine, observes operation, and inspects first-run and sample workpiece to ensure machining conforms to specifications, using measuring instruments, for example plug and ring gauges, calipers, and micrometers. Replaces worn tools. May also operate bench grinder to sharpen tools. May also machine nonmetallic materials. May also be required to have experience with particular material or product or machine of particular size, type, or trade name. May also set up machines for other workers.

Job industry: machine shop

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