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Automatic Drilling Machine Operator – Tends one or more semiautomatic machines that perform machining operations, for example drilling, boring, tapping, and chamfering holes in clock or watch parts, for example balance wheels, watch plates, and bridges: Positions and clamps part to machine table under cutting tool or inserts part in machine nest, chuck, or over positioning pins in spindle. Depresses pedal or moves controls to start machine that automatically machines part to specifications. Removes part from machine at completion of cycle or activates control that ejects part from machine. Inspects and measures part for conformance to specifications, using loupe and fixed gauges. Changes and replaces worn or broken tools. Cleans metal chips from machine with brush or airhose. Notifies supervisor when machine malfunctions. May also tend battery of one kind of machine which may also be set up to perform one or several different operations. Workers may also be designated according to machine tended or operation performed as Balance-Wheel-Screw-Hole Driller (watches industry), Boring-Machine Operator (watches industry), Chamfering-Machine Operator (watches industry), Reamer (watches industry), Tapping-Machine Operator, Automatic (watches industry).

Job industry: watches industry

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