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Subassembly Assembler – Detail assembler, sheet metal assembler Assembles parts, for example spars, ribs, and braces, to form structural subassemblies of aircraft, for example airfoils, control surfaces, fuselage tops and bulkheads, doors, and windows, according to specifications, using handtools and power tools: Reads and interprets blueprints and specifications to determine assembly sequence, tooling requirements, measurements, and allowable tolerances. Marks reference lines and points on parts, using templates, or by measuring from blueprint index points and station lines, using rule, protractor, and divider. Cuts, trims, files, and deburrs parts, using handtools or power tools. Measures parts to verify dimensions, using precision instruments, for example micrometers and calipers. Fits and assembles parts and fittings, for example braces, hinges, brackets, keyways, and nut plates, in jigs and fixtures, using clamps. Drills, reams, and countersinks holes, using power tools. Deburrs keyways, holes, and cable grooves, using burring tool. Marks reference symbols on parts for subsequent riveting. Installs bolts, screws, rivets, and other fasteners to join parts, using power tools. Cements, tapes, and glues parts as required. May also install electric and hydraulic components. May also bend tubing. May also make temporary assembly fixtures. May also buck rivets.

Job industry: aerospace industry

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