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Community Organization Worker: Community service consultant, information and referral director, program consultant Plans, organizes, and coordinates programs with agencies and groups regarding to social problems of community: Promotes and coordinates activities of agencies, groups, and individuals to meet identified needs. Studies and assesses strength and weakness of existing resources. Interprets needs, programs, and services to agencies, groups, and individuals involved and provides leadership and assistance. Prepares reports and disseminates information. Maintains contact with representatives of other organizations to exchange and update information on resources and services available. May also write proposals to obtain government or private funding for projects designed to meet needs of community. May also assist in budget preparation and presentation. May also assist in raising funds. Works in specialized fields for example housing, urban renewal and redevelopment, and health or in public or voluntary coordinating agency, for example community welfare or health council, or combined fund raising and welfare planning council. Works with special groups for example elderly, financially disadvantaged, juvenile delinquents, or physically or mentally handicapped. Usually required to have degree from school of social work. May also direct and coordinate activities of volunteers or practicum students.

Job industry: social services

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