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Tube Cleaner 1 – Cleans scale from inside of tubes that are used in boilers, kilns, and stills to circulate hot air or water: Removes plugs or assemblies from tube ends, using handtools. Pushes compressed-air rotary scraper or wire brush through tubes to scrape scales from interior surfaces. Flushes or blows out loosened deposits, using water or airhose. May also inspect tubes by drawing electric light through them. May also be designated according to type of tube cleaned as Boiler-Tube Reamer (industry), Evaporator Repairer (chemical industry), Flue Cleaner (industry), Still Cleaner, Tube (petroleum industry), Tar Heat-Exchanger Cleaner (petroleum industry). May also steam clean outside of boiler tubes and be designated Boiler-Tube Blower (industry).

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