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Weaver 1 – Loom operator, weaver, broadloom Operates battery of looms to weave yarn into cloth: Observes cloth being woven to detect weaving defects. Removes defects in cloth by cutting and pulling out filling. Adjusts pattern chain to resume weaving. Examines looms to determine cause of loom stoppage, for example warp, filling, harness breaks, or mechanical defects. Ties piece of yarn to broken end and threads yarn through drop wires, heddle eyes, and reed dents to repair warp breaks, using reed hook. Pulls out broken filling and pushes shuttle through shed to insert new pick and repair filling breaks. Notifies LOOM FIXER (fabrics industry) (abrasive) (textile industry) 683.260-018 of mechanical defects. Marks or cuts cloth when sufficient yardage has been woven and notifies CLOTH DOFFER (textile industry) 689.686-058. May also place quills or bobbins in battery or magazine of loom [BATTERY LOADER (textile industry) 683.686-010]. May also replace empty bobbins in shuttle with full ones on nonautomatic looms [SHUTTLE HAND (textile industry) 689.686-038]. May also tend winding units attached to looms that wind filling onto quills [LOOM-WINDER TENDER (textile industry) 681.685-062]. May also be designated according to type of loom operated as Weaver, Dobby Loom (textile industry). When weaving samples, is known as Sample Weaver (textile industry).

Job industry: abrasive textile industry

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